Why you should buy a house in Parker, Colorado

Parker Colorado is stunningly beautiful, from the Rocky Mountains to the rolling hills, rivers, streams, high desert, and an irresistible small-town charm; it bears great scenery to choose from while buying a house. Parker Colorado real estate in Douglas County offers you the opportunity to find well-established neighborhoods with exquisite homes, adequate security and a beautiful view of the mountains and its wild inhabitants grazing in the grass.  Here’s why you should buy a house in Parker Colorado;

House construction and maintenance

The town municipals concern for its residents is very admirable. To help the builders and homeowners come up with houses that are more durable and that will have an increase in market value, they came up with the Energy Star New Homes education program in energy-efficient housing constructions, making Houses for Sale in Parker Co affordable and mindful of the owner’s comfort.

House rates

Buying a house as opposed to maybe living in an apartment has better benefits; why so? Most homes appreciate about five percent a year which may not seem much but has had one of the highest rates of return as compared to other investment you could make. Houses for sale in Parker Co have mortgage rates at 3 basis points lower than the national average rate of 3.95%. This makes it affordable to reside here.

Transportation and security

Parker, Colorado town has a highly efficient public transportation system since most of the town is within Regional Transportation District. This will enable you to move around the locality with ease. Their safety measures are also a very well organized and elaborate factor in the town. Their neighborhood services, for example, are paired with the Police Service allowing them to get to the core of community protection, believing that even the smallest problems in the community are a reflection of the level of security with the more serious crimes.


The town equally has a great record when it comes to education, with 98% record of high school graduates and 53% bachelor degree holders or higher.  The Douglas County school District is one of the highest performing districts in Colorado.


The neighborhood is a key consideration while buying a house. Parker’s residents have a strong bond, and you can be sure of having great relationships here.


Visit some of Colorado’s vacations sites, such as the alluring National Parks where you’ll engage in entertaining, adventurous activities like beckon skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, and also experience a calm and peaceful tranquility that comes with observing the beauty of nature.

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