What Are The Different Types Of Winches?

Winches are an integral part of any building project. They can be used for a wide range of different purposes, so it is important that you understand which winches are used for which specific job.

What are the different types of the winch?

Air Winches

These are the most robust of all winches. They range in weight from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes and are used in a variety of different settings. Offshore drilling and rigging installations need this type of winch for heavy lifting. The air winch is also used on ships to move heavy containers. The winch is also used on 4, 6 and 8 mooring systems.

These types of winches can lift up to 10,000 kilos, and they are fitted with automatic brakes for lifting. The winches are strong enough to lift people, which allows them to be transported to the top of an oil rig in next to no time at all.

They are easy to repair and maintain, which means that they are incredibly reliable.

Base Mounted Winches

Base mounted winches have a wide base, and they work on an automatic motor. These winches can be used to drag containers along the floor. They can also be used to lift heavy goods from a fixed position below the winch.

Huchez Winch

Huchez winches come in a wide array of different forms. It can be a hand rope winch. It can also be a compact electric winch. There are also large capacity electric winches. The winches can be powered by either diesel or petrol. They can also be piston-powered hydraulic winches.

Hydraulic Winch

The hydraulic winch differs from the electric winches that are listed above. The hydraulic winch is powered by a series of pistons which can make it more reliable than electric winches. This is because it will not be stopped by an electrical fault.

Cable Pulling Winches

Sometimes utility cables that carry electricity, water and gas need to be winched out of place. The cable pulling winches are mounted on a trailer in order to make them extremely secure.

Mooring Winches

Mooring winches are used to tether ships and boats when they have been sailed into port. These winches need to be extremely strong in order to stop the vessels from floating away.

Vehicle Winches

These winches are used when large vehicles need to be moved off the road. They are usually called into action when several heavy vehicles have been involved in a collision and they need to be moved off the road.

Factory Winches

These winches are used in factories in order to move machinery from one part of the building to another. There needs to be enough space in the factory for the winches to hoist equipment without causing a problem.

Choose the right winch for the job that you have in mind. The right kind of winch will make the task extremely easy.