Inspiration for Beautiful Patios

If you are considering paving your garden, there is a high chance that you have been considering using regular square or rectangular slabs, all of the same size and colour. However, there are other options available, and if you are looking to provide your garden with contemporary paving, you may want to think outside the box.

Today we are here to provide you with inspiration and ideas, with the ultimate intention of enabling as many people as possible to create patios that will stand out for all of the right reasons. If this sounds of interest to you, keep on reading at your peril!

When creating paved patio areas more and more people are starting to become more creative, playing with different textures and colours and laying patterns that are exciting and interesting! Not only this but people arte straying away from paving entire gardens and instead choosing to simply pave individual areas, leaving other areas floored with other materials such as artificial grass and composite decking. Variety really can make all materials look their best.

Contemporary Patio Ideas

  • Consider using different shaped stone pacing slabs within your designs – There are many to choose from including paving stones with curved edges and offset diamonds. You can even create shapes and imagery using stone paving slabs if you really want to get creative.
  • You could consider boarding your paved area with plants and shrubbery – Using bright and bold colours to make the colours within your stone slabs pop.
  • Choose stone paving slabs that are beautiful in colours – These slabs are now available in a wide range of colours making it possible for people to always find options which match their home and existing décor. You can even combine colours to create a funky look.
  • Consider what texture you want your slabs to have – Do you want smooth and glossy slabs or do you want them to appear more natural looking?
  • Do not dismiss classic cobbles. If you live in a cottage or old farmhouse, you may wish to use old cobbles within your patio area to ensure that your outdoor space is visually in keeping with your home.
  • Instead of placing your slabs directly next to each other, you may consider leaving a border around each paving slab that can then be filled with pebbles or flowers to create a bold look.

These are only some of the ways that you may wish to use patio slabs outside your home too! If you really want some inspiration, we advise that you visit your local stone supplier or showroom where we are certain that someone will be able to further assist and guide you.