Corporate Housing or Hotel- The Difference

Whether you will be traveling for a couple of months or for a full year, the thought of corporate housing may have crossed your mind. Traveling for work or other events is one of the main reasons why consumers want this type of housing. So why not book a hotel? Although hotels are nice, corporate housing offers so much more.

When consumers must leave their primary residence for an extended amount of time, they still want to feel at home in the place where they are staying. Choosing to stay at certain hotels does have its perks, but there always seems to be something missing. Hotels are great if you can get one with a pool and other amenities, but not all hotels offer everything that is desired.

When choosing a corporate home or apartment, the consumer understands that everything is included. Everything means the furniture, the appliances, and more. The apartment is ready for the consumer and all that is needed are clothes and food.

Who Leases Corporate Housing?

Once upon a time, it was just business executives that leased this type of housing. But times have changed as more consumers are leasing housing for situations other than work. Families that have children and are vacationing will lease corporate housing because of everything that is included. Having small children and traveling with them takes planning. With corporate housing, the family can feel more at home and relax. There is no worrying about having to find a place to do the laundry or cooking.

It is estimated that the annual revenue for corporate housing rentals was about $2.73 billion in 2014. Corporate housing is making great contributions to the communities in which they operate. The average stay of 96 days is well above those of other short-term rentals.

Corporate housing is being utilized by those who normally would not have known the option even existed. With the tech and medical industry’s growing at such a rapid rate, there is always a need for corporate housing. Executives and project managers in these fields travel all over the world to provide industry training. Often, these trips can last 3 months or longer, and the corporate housing option allows them to enjoy amenities that would not be found at a hotel.

Corporate Housing Options?

Those who choose to lease corporate housing can choose from many options. Some options that vary by location can include:

∙        Fitness areas

∙        Swimming pools

∙        Saunas

∙        Walking trails

∙        Parks

∙        Dog walking areas

∙        Maid service

∙        Dog walking services

Self-booking corporate housing has never been easier, and more consumers are taking advantage of the tools available. Having the option to choose the area, the number of bedrooms, and the available amenities has given consumers the ability to leave their residences and find a home away from home.