A Smooth Moving Day: Get Organised

Moving to a new home is usually a positive experience. Many people move when they need more space, because of a new job, or to be closer to family. Whatever the reason for your relocation, there is a lot of preparation involved. No matter how much you do ahead of time, it always seems like the big day sneaks up on you. You may find that the boxes aren’t packed, the new home isn’t prepped, or that the animals and kids are running around like crazy. This is not at all how you want your moving day to go. A smooth moving day can be a reality with a little organisation.


Many people prefer to pack everything themselves. This way, they can pack it in their own special way and label it accordingly. Some removal services offer packing assistance, as well. If you know you are going to be unable to take time off of work, or there is too much to handle, you may need to take advantage of these services. If the company does not offer it, hire a local college student that needs to make a little money. You can also plan a fun packing night with friends and family. Order some good food, turn up the music, and get the job done. All you need is a few extra hands to get this part of the move accomplished quickly.

Kids and Pets

When your relocation company arrives, the last thing you want is kids and pets underfoot. Dogs may get nervous and bark or run off. The constant opening and closing of doors makes it impossible to keep an eye on them. Children may try to help and end up getting hurt by something heavy, instead. Make arrangements for the pets to stay with a friend or family member for the day. A boarding facility is another option that works well for pets during a move. Kids also need to be out of the way. Hire a sitter to take them out for the day. They can go to the park, the library, or a museum. Find something that takes several hours.

The Removal Company

Homemaster relocations removals in Shropshire are waiting for your call. When you hire a removal company, check to make sure they have a good reputation. Online reviews can be a great help. You also need to make sure to understand their protocol for moving delicate items. This can be an issue if you do not ask ahead of time. Specialists should have crews with two or more people, a flexible schedule, and fair pricing. Some may add on charges for things like gasoline for the truck. Ask about all fees so that you are not surprised by the bill.

Your moving day can be well-organised with a little effort. Decide how you are going to handle the packing well ahead of time, and take action. Hire sitters for the pets and kids for the big day. This keeps everyone safe. Lastly, check on the procedures of your chosen removal company. Get ready for a smooth transition to your new home.