What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Adding a skylight to an existing property can add value as well as much needed light, changing the dynamic of a room, or an entire home. If you are choosing to add a skylight to your property there are a number of considerations to take on board first, in order to maximise the impact of your purchase.

Have a think about the following before committing to a roof lantern or skylight at your property. They will make a massive difference to how you relax at home, but be sure to follow the advice to make the most of them.

Never Go for a ‘Cheap’ Option

Even if you do go for a cost-effective solution it’ll look good and be perfectly reasonable at first, but it’s the longer-term implications that you have to consider when purchasing a skylight for your home. Look into the complexities of energy efficient windows, how secure it is from water, sound reduction and whether it will last over time with the impact of wind and other weather. You can choose to add UV coatings and explore ventilation options also.

Where Should the Skylight be Located?

It isn’t just as straightforward as thinking ‘I want a roof lantern above my bed’ and going ahead and installing. There are a number of factors to consider in terms of how your roof was made and the placement of the rafters. Always have a detailed roof lantern plan ready before commencing with the installation of a skylight, so as to avoid any complications with other parts of your home as a result of a failed installation process.

Be Careful of the Project Timing

Installing a roof lantern or skylight requires dry weather in order to be a success. They can be installed in bad weather with some protection but the perfect project would take place during the dry summer months, with little wind. Rain can set back a project and it can have a detrimental effect, potentially stopping the project in its tracks, if any moisture gets inside halfway through the installation process.

Utilise the Experience of Skylight Professionals

At this point in proceedings if you are not installing the skylight or roof lantern yourself you’ll be passing over the responsibility of the project to a specialist team to complete the tasks at hand. They will understand a number of things to make the installation process a success.

Firstly there is a need to use the right type of flashing, depending on the pitch of the roof slope that you are installing within. The team will also understand to prepare the roof not only from the exterior, but from inside the property too, to have in place the marks for where the skylight will open. Once installation has been completed in terms of the skylight itself, they will also take care of all the flashing to protect from water and the potential long-term damage of moisture getting inside, and if you wish, drywall and insulation can be added to help reduce condensation levels.