Resolving Property Ownership Disputes

Property ownership disputes can be resolved with the assistance of professional solicitors who understand the nuances of the landscape and how best to approach issues. If you are in a property dispute it is important to understand all the underlying issues and put together a plan of action that can help find a resolution that suits you.

There are a number of reasons why a property dispute might come about. This could be down to a property being handed down in inheritance when someone passes away, or not being passed down. Divorce proceedings often have issues involving property, as there is almost always a home to be split. If children are involved this complicates matters further. Other reasons that property disputes happen is when friends and family purchase property together or there is a disagreement over co-habitation agreements. Breakdown in communication with family members, or an estranged partner are the main reasons behind property disputes.

Co-Ownership Disputes – When there has been a breakdown in marriage and property is involved it can become complicated for all concerned parties. Second or multiple marriages can lead to property disputes upon the death of a family member, with contested probate often down to how a property has been passed on after a death.

Co-habitation isn’t always straightforward when it comes to property disputes, especially for a common law spouse, as they might not have a share in their partner’s property. It would have to be proved that both parties intended to share the property equity, or that both made significant mortgage contributions, investment capital, household expenses or had been told that they were entitled to a share of the property.

Property Investment Portfolio Disputes – If you have invested in a number of properties alongside other investors it always pays to get covered by legal advice and agreement at the very beginning of any project. These are often one of the more common property dispute types, as there can be a question over co-ownership and the rights of all parties. In cases where there has been an investment made in a commercial property and venture the legal advice becomes even more important from as early a time as possible.

Land Registry Disputes – On rare occasions there may have been a mistake made within the Land Registry as the ownership of a property is transferred from one party to another. This can happen due to human error on the part of a conveyance. Although rare it can cause untold grievance in the form of ownership dispute.

In any of these cases and any other type of property dispute it is best to immediately seek the assistance and guidance of a property solicitors with the experience to make a difference. This can be with the offer of mediation between disputing parties in the first instance, as well as full legal action if an agreement can’t be found between the disputing parties.