Public Rental Flats in Singapore

During Parliament recently, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan addressed several the process of HDB’s (Housing Development Board) Public Rental Plan, or PRS. Including the ethnic quotas and waiting here we are at public rental flats. Mr Khaw reveals that HDB is reviewing its ethnic quotas of these flats.

“Presently, 60 percent of their rental blocks have arrived at the limit permitted for Malay residents, that is 25 percent per block,” stated Mr Khaw.

In multiracial Singapore, public housing houses 80% of people, thus an Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) for public housing was carried out to ensure a well-balanced mixture of the racial groups in every block and estate to be able to maintain racial harmony and social cohesion.

Individually, Mr Khaw reveals the waiting here we are at rental flats is six several weeks typically. But he hopes this can shorten after HDB introduces greater number of these flats. HDB aims to possess 57,000 units ready by 2015 (“2,000 More Rental Flats for Lower-earnings Families”). At the moment, you will find 49,300 units of 1-and 2-room public rental flats, a rise in the 45,500 2 yrs ago. The six-month queue time can also be a noticable difference from those of 2008. In those days, queue time may be as lengthy as 21 several weeks when demand peaked.

Contributing to the amount of rental accommodation are a couple of blocks of flats near to the now-defunct Tanjong Pagar rail station. These former dormitories, at Spooner Road, which once housed the employees of the rail station, is going to be spruced up and provided to low-earnings Singaporeans underneath the PRS and Interim Rental Housing (IRH) plan. 208 one- and 2-room units is going to be leased out under PRS, while 110 three-room flats can come underneath the IRH plan (“Spooner Rd Flats Readily available for HDB Rental”).

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