Property for sale in Turkey


One of the basic needs of every individual is the need for shelter. The need for shelter is met over houses for rent or sale. Individuals with financial power prefer to have their own house rather than paying rent every month. But it is important to take careful steps to avoid purchasing a property above its costs when you are searching for apartments for sale. Recently, it is logical to benefit from decreasing real-estate prices in Turkey and act accordingly. But you need to be careful when you do that. As the number of Turkey real estate has increased especially in the last 3 years and prices have decreased significantly, there are good opportunities for those who have savings. But on the other hand, the involvement of some ill-intentioned individuals offering real-estate services might lead to the spread of some negative real-estate news. Therefore, it is extremely important to know where the apartment it, how it is and what are the properties as well as reliability of the real-estate firm during researches. Researches show that in 2018, real-estate sales in Turkey have decreased by 2.4% compared to the previous year. One of the largest reason for that is the economic crisis and decreased investments in the construction sector. Of course, this has turned into an amazing opportunity for those who want to purchase an apartment to invest or use. You can view the details from

Why should I buy an apartment now?

In the last 3 years, it is clear that every sector experienced serious crashes. But we all must admit that construction sector experiences the highest crash. As Turkish lira lost value due to the dollar crisis, material prices have increased significantly, some contractors went bankrupt and others are about to go bankrupt. Giant construction firms that want to leave this situation with minimum loss significantly lower property prices. For example, apartments that were sold from 500,000TL in 2017 were now sold with a 30% discount in 2019. So, we can give lots of details to say that this is the right time to buy an apartment. Actually, property for sale in Turkey is always vivid. Because as one part of society lose their money, others will gain money. Or individuals with correct calculations, timely investment will protect their money when the prices are high and they will purchase expensive properties for cheaper when the prices drop. These conditions will make the real-estate sector work.

Where to buy an apartment?

It is possible to find apartments for sale in 81 cities in Turkey. Especially, as the largest structures are constructed with more properties, you no longer need to check different districts when you buy an apartment. You can easily find the apartment you like in your district or in the district you love. The biggest reason for that is the increasing number of property for sale in Turkey as well as urban transformation legislation. But when you buy an apartment, it is helpful to complete the procedures when you work with a reliable and expert firm.