Mantri Developers Review: An insight to what their customers think

It is the vision of every builder to construct a house for their customer, which they can proudly call ‘home’. They are trusted with the most prized possession of an individual’s lifetime and when they live up to the expectation, it builds a brand out of their name.

Customer reviews are the difference between a builder and a trusted builder because it is a fact that when a customer speaks, a potential customer listens. The experience of one person sets the expectations of other people who are looking for a place in a specific region. While the builder receives appreciation for his finesse, the shortcomings are brutally vulnerable to public scrutiny via reviews. It will not be an understatement to say that reviews are the do-or-die point of a builder’s credibility.

Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd have delivered quality homes to over 30,000 satisfied customers in the last 19 years. The Bangalore-based builders have made a name for themselves with the successful implementation of their owner.

 Sushil Mantri’s vision


  • Punctuality
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Speed

Realizing the importance of customer opinion, Mantri was the first real estate developer in the country to launch a 24-hour voice automated service for customer complaints. Furthermore, PROPCARE is an initiative by the builders to provide post-purchase maintenance to their residents for the rest of their life with an effort to cater to the concerned issue within 24 hours.

Mantri has covered more than 20 million sq ft constructed area with over 20 projects. Their prime projects include big names like Mantri Mall, Mantri Webcity, Mantri Celestia, Mantri Serenity and so on.

Here are the reviews of the people who have trusted Mantri Developers with their home  

Mr. Palavalli and family said, “Before finalizing on Mantri Paradise we visited at least 20 apartments. Our expectations were very high, finding a house that is liked by family was never possible, all the fight in the family ended when we visited Mantri Paradise. We liked the apartment architecture, landscape garden, swimming pool, and the best part was the children play area. Space utilization within the flat and the common area is very good. We are very satisfied and happy that we invested in Mantri Property.”

“We met a number of builders during our house-searching stage. But we seemed to just connect with this builder. It’s like they are able to read our mind and give us a home that best suits our needs. We don’t have to bother with the maintenance issues. Mantri will be doing it for a lifetime”, said Mrs Rekha Singh in her feedback.

Mr Vincent Xavier expressed, “It is a privilege to be part of Mantri Sarovar. An excellent ambience, lush green lawns, scenic beauty of the lake and the city skyline by night brings joy to everyday living. Mantri Home Care provides personal and prompt attention to the needs of the residents.”

Mr Kiran BV wrote, “Their sales personnel were very honest, transparent and also very prompt. The buying process of our apartment in Mantri Celestia was pretty smooth in terms of fulfilling all the formalities, getting the position on time, registration and even the bank related formalities”

Mrs Ashwini Shenoy commented, “Whenever there’s any problem with the electricity or plumbing in my home, all I have to do is call up Home Care – they arrange for everything. I’m always worry-free regarding maintenance.”

Customer reviews are the purest reflection of a builder’s work. When the buyer builds according to the vision of the customers instead of his own, they are rewarded with happy and loyal home buyers. Mantri also introduced INSIGNIA, a customer loyalty program which rewarded them redeemable points on the purchase of Mantri apartment, be it self or converted referrals.

Mantri Developer’s owner, Sushil Mantri is one of the veteran realty players of Bangalore, and aims to provide luxury to the customers without burning a hole in their pocket.