Is Your Builder Doing All They Can to Keep the Job Site – Your Future Home – Clean?

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Because you are spending a lot of money on your new-build house, you want it to turn out perfectly and exactly how you envision it. It’s quite common for homeowners to make a site visit from time to time to check on progress and touch base with the builder along the way. These visits are a great time to survey what’s happening on the site to ensure that your builder is doing all they can to keep things as clean as possible. After all, this will be your home so you want to know it’s in top condition.

So what are some of the steps your builder can take to help keep things tidy and clean? Here are a few examples.

Are the Work Areas Being Kept Tidy?

Typically, the builder is working in a few different areas of the home at once, and ideally, you want to see that even though those areas are under construction, they are still tidy and organized. Paint spills, broken materials thrown around the site, and garbage building up are not signs of a tidy worksite. Just because it’s under construction doesn’t mean it needs to act as a garbage dump.

Are Mud and Dirt Being Tracked In?

Job sites are notorious for a build-up of mud and dirt. The exterior of the home tends to resemble a giant mud pit, which can easily be tracked in by the work crew. Ideally, the crew should be removing their outdoor boots when they enter the home or using disposable booties to protect your flooring. As well, the builder can set up walkways outside that give people a clear route into the home. Even laying plywood down on the mud will help to cut down on the amount being tracked in.

For those job sites that are extremely dirty, it may be necessary for the builder to offer temporary portable shower trailers. Obviously, this is for more extreme cases, but it can certainly help to protect your new home.

Ample Places to Get Rid of Waste

The builder should also have an ample amount of places to get rid of trash and waste, both inside and outside the home. This means things such as recycling bins, trash containers, and even large bins for oversized garbage. All of the bins and containers should have lids on them so as not to allow any odors, dirt, and dust to escape.

Is There a Foreman Enforcing the Rules

Lastly, you want to check that there is an active foreman on the job site who is enforcing these rules, so your job site is kept nice and clean.

Protecting Your Investment

Wanting the job site at your new home to be clean, tidy, and organized is just you trying to protect your investment. It’s only natural to want things to go according to plan and without all kinds of mess to clean up and worry about after the fact.