Get All the Look and Double the Value and Practical Benefits of Gym Flooring

When you first enter a gym, you may or may not be motivated for that workout ahead, but what will surely steer you out the door is an environment that’s not inviting or doesn’t support a functional, inspiring and safe space to get into shape. Whether you offer an intimate space that’s compact, or your gym’s spacious facility offers multiple sections, studios and machinery, your customers will feel at home and ready to sweat with the aesthetic and durable features of interlocking gym flooring tiles.

With a few simple applications of gym interlocking floor tiles, boost your gym’s wear, tear, provision of comfortable accommodations for diverse workouts, and protect your floor and customers for an overall great service experience. From all the health and safety benefits, to adding a touch of simple design that’s easy to maintain, versatile and adds that edge to your space’s look and feel, the benefits of using industrial gym flooring tiles are vast and start with first impressions.

Your Gym is Your Brand: Step into a Different Foot to Floor Experience

Coming into the holiday season, you might see more visitors coming around after a few indulgent dinners, and what better way to welcome them than into comfort and style. Interlocking gym flooring tiles are an ideal way to promote your brand, with the option to customize with logo, slogan or a variety of designs, mix and match colours and coordinate exactly to your needs.  When walking in from the outdoors, the comfort and sensation of stability that industrial gym flooring provides is both immediate, and also offers anti-slip qualities, so regardless of the season, your visitors can feel secure and steady in your gym.

Protecting Your Floors and Offering the Perfect Ground for Any Workout

Gym equipment can be heavy and while we all try to maintain perfect form when exercising, the impact of our movement with machinery and equipment can require a grounding force to stabilize equipment for users while also protecting your floors. According to Conor from R-Tek Manufacturing Ltd “Tailor your space with heavy duty tiles for equipment like elliptical machines or weight training stations to ensure impact of movement is absorbed into the tiles, rather than into your floors or your customer’s back and knees.”  Not to mention for the barefoot yogi or athlete, these practical tiles also offer insulation, a stable grip for the feet, and are available in a range of materials suited to each workout.

Simple Installation, Coordination and Maintenance

Easy to move, install, clean or disassemble, with some offering a hidden bevelled interlocking feature, gym flooring tiles come in a variety of textures, suited to anything from yoga or pilates training, to cycling or spinning groups and more. And if you’re ready to refresh with renovations, free your mind of subflooring needs, as these versatile tiles can be installed with little to zero subflooring preparation, also meeting regulatory standards, chemical and heat resistant/retardant. For messy cleanups, interlocking floor tiles are ideal with access to hard to reach places made simple, and a seamless floor look and feel that will leave visitors coming back for more.