Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Your First Property in Thailand

Purchasing your first property abroad can be a very exciting and stressful time. It is difficult enough to buy a property in your own home country when you are there in person to make the deal, never mind if you are purchasing a property from far away, and perhaps even sight unseen. To help ensure that the process goes smooth and you end up with a property that ticks off all your must-have boxes, here are five tips that you can keep in mind if you’re ready to dive in and purchase your first property in Thailand.

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Visit the Property in Person if Possible

The biggest tip is one that isn’t always possible but is most definitely helpful if you can make it happen. Thanks to technology today, people have the convenience of being able to take 360-degree property tours right on their computer, and view photo after photo, but while this is certainly helpful, it doesn’t beat seeing the property in person.

Viewing photos and videos of the property is only able to tell you half the story. It doesn’t allow you to see the neighborhood, nearby restaurants, beaches, shopping, etc. These are important factors when it comes to making up your mind about which property is right for you.

You May Want to Work with a Developer

Now if you have very specific tastes and you want to be able to customize your property, then it may make sense to work with a developer.This makes even more sense if you are looking for something luxurious, such as this Thailand Koh Samui property for sale from Kasa Development. Because you are working with an actual developer, you can be in touch with them throughout the process no matter where you may be located.

Give Plenty of Thought to Location

When buying a property, obviously you’ve got a list of features that you will be looking for in the home or apartment, but at the same time location should be a huge factor. You can always make changes and do renovations to the interior, but you can’t pick it up and move it to a new location.

When choosing that “right” location you’ll want to consider property value, the amenities nearby, conveniences such as shopping and dining, proximity to the beach (if that is a factor for you), and the type of neighborhood.

Do Your Research on Pricing

To be sure that you are getting a good deal, and that you are being realistic where your budget is concerned, you will also want to spend some time doing research on pricing. You want to have as much information as possible at your fingertips so that you don’t find yourself with any shocking surprises.

Understand the Local Laws and Regulations

The final tip is to make sure you are aware of, and are following all the local laws and regulations when it comes to purchasing a property. This can be said of Thailand and any country you wish to buy a property in.

By using these tips, you’ll be sure to make the process much smoother.