Decide, Whether You Need Engineered Septic System for Your Property

Does your property really need any Engineered septic system? Can you not install any standard septic system so that the service professional can easily install it in your property without adding too much cost to the project? In some cases, installing any engineered septic system can be an unnecessary expense. Therefore, it is necessary to understand whether your property really needs an engineered septic system.

Engineered vs nonengineered septic system

  • Both the systems follow almost the same set of health regulation that are imposed in the respective states
  • In certain special locations, it is necessary to install only engineered septic field design as there are few limitations to install any standard septic design
  • Basically, the criteria for deciding engineered or non-Engineered depends upon the slope of the property, type of soil, size of the property and various other structural conditions of the property.

Whether it is engineered or non-engineered the working of the system relies on basic laws of physics. Usually most of the septic system does not need any power energy as they work under the principle of gravity. All the water that flows out from different houses are carried through a series of pipes which can be angled to carry it into septic tank. Various organisms like bacteria, yeast, enzymes are separated by gravity and cleaner water is allowed to flow out into the field or further cleaned before it reaches up to the edge of septic system.

In case, the soil remains on the water for pretty longer periods the special way of cleaning is needed then you have to engineer a system to design so that water can be cleaned. The same attention will be needed if the property has many bed rooms or more number of people are residing in the property.

Why engineered system is needed?

Usually engineered septic system is needed where the situation is more challenging. Normal system may not work efficiently in such locations. Engineered system will make sure that it will work efficiently and will work for many long years without any problems.

As far as cost of such engineered septic system is concerned, any 3 to 4-bedroom houses may need septic system that may cost anything between $8000 to $15,000. The exact price depends upon many different factors existing in the property and also the skill level of the Engineer.  A wise homeowner will do proper homework and talk to different contractors before making his final decision.