Comparison between a post frame building and other constructions

Are you considering building a garage, barn, or another type of our building? If you have any confusion regarding which of the construction methods to use such as pole building, wood frames, stick frames, or steel frames, this comparison will help you take the right step.

Designing and construction time

It is possible to custom design post-frame buildings to meet just about any requirements. You can manufacture pre-engineered post-frame components and deliver to the site for assembly. Unlike other types of construction, it is possible to have plan modifications up to the time of construction.

Construction Cost

Efficient use of materials, shorter time-to-completion, and less specialized labor components all add up to a lower cost of construction. The materials are pre-engineered and delivered to the site and don’t require many on-site adjustments. The highly engineered components including the truss and reinforcement systems all fit together to produce a tight and energy efficient structure.


As post frame buildings do not use weight-bearing interior support columns, such construction method offers more open and unobstructed space. It is not only ideal for inventory storage, vehicles, and large animals but also lets you change interior layouts and office space easily. Not having to work around load-bearing walls brings some real advantages.


The vertical supports of post frame buildings are made of durable, treated lumber anchored four feet into the ground on concrete piers.

During severe wind conditions, the forces hitting a post frame building are redirected below and away from the structure. As a result, post frame buildings have survived tornadoes and significant windstorms while nearby traditional buildings collapsed.

With custom design and superior components and materials, post frame buildings can be constructed to withstand most situations.

Energy Efficient

A post frame building has thicker wall cavities as compared to traditional structures. Also, as the vertical supports are further apart, you can apply insulation with fewer energy-sapping “breaks.” In conventional structures, narrowly spaced wood or steel supports act as conductors to enable more energy to escape.

The post-frame building engineering has more sophistication than many often realize, in spite of the design being simpler than conventional construction methods. Fewer materials and less time-consuming processes result in a shorter model and build time. You can make changes right up to the time of the construction of the building.

Where should you go if you wish to construct a pole barn?

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