5 Things You Didn’t Know About Moving to Brentwood

Thinking of making the move to Essex? Now is a great time – the property market is vibrant, and there are plenty of places in Essex to choose from. One particular favourite with families, couples, and individuals, is Brentwood.

What do you know about Brentwood? Find out more about Brentwood, and what you can expect if you move to Brentwood in our quick location guide.

  1. Brentwood is a Historic Place

You may not think it, but Brentwood actually has deep roots in history. The name Brentwood comes from the words “burnt wood”, and it is called this after being the only clearing in the thick forest of Essex, which was caused by a fire. The clearing soon attracted people on their way to Canterbury as pilgrims. There is even the remains of a 12th century church in the centre of Brentwood that is evidence of this early settlement. King Henry III gave a charter to Brentwood to enable it to hold its own markets, and this is the action that gradually saw Brentwood grow into the thriving town it is today.

  1. Brentwood is Modern

Even with historic roots, Brentwood has a decidedly modern feel. This is the place to come when you are looking for all the latest shops, modern offices, smart restaurants, and all the facilities you expect in a busy modern town.

  1. Brentwood Boasts Historic Buildings

These historic sites include 16th century Ingatestone Hall, the remains of the 12th century church, and the famous Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hatch, which dates from the Cold War.

  1. Brentwood Has Masses of Open Space

You may not expect a town in Essex to be blessed with much in the way of open space, but Brentwood is surprising. Thorndon Country Park is the place to go to discover the Gruffalo Trail. And there are plenty of other trails, too. In addition, you can visit Old Macdonald’s Farm with the kids, or go to Brentwood Park for some sports action. You’ll also find a driving range, and trails for bikes and karts. When you go a little further afield you can encounter the beauty of small villages like Ingatestone as well as Mountnessing.

  1. Brentwood Has a Booming Property Market

Houses for sale in brentwood are available in all price ranges from the one-bedroom flat to the family starter home to the palatial country mansion. Homes to buy in Brentwood are not on the market for very long. Take a closer look at the town so you know the areas you most want to move to.

Image: Image courtesy of Geerati/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net